Sports and playing are a big part of your child’s development at Rolling River and our commitment to excellence in athletics shows. We are constantly upgrading and maintaining our outstanding facilities. Rolling River boasts acres of manicured natural grass fields and lighted courts for the enrichment of our campers.

The facilities have all been designed to provide the safest and best learning environment for our campers. By combining a small camp population with an abundance of fields and courts tailored for all ages, we provide the perfect setting for all campers to play and learn.

Rolling River’s extensive and diversified Athletics program includes the following sports:rrdc-athletics-3-2014

  • Softball/Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Volleyball/Newcomb
  • Soccer
  • Football
  • Lacrosse
  • Floor Hockey
  • Miniature Golf
  • Martial Arts
  • Ultimate Frisbee
  • Tumbling/Gymnastics
  • Large group games (eg. GAGA)
  • European Handball
  • Boxball
  • Baggo

Athletics Facilities

Rolling River’s athletic facilities include:

  • Large covered hockey rink for use in all kinds of weather
  • Full-size softball field with dugouts
  • 2 scaled down multi-use fields for younger campers
  • Baseball batting cage with pitching machines
  • 2 full size soccer/lacrosse/football fields
  • Beach volleyball court
  • 2 grass volleyball courts
  • Regulation size basketball court with adjustable baskets
  • 2 smaller size basketball courts with adjustable baskets
  • 1 multi-use court for basketball/volleyball/tennis/boxball, etc.
  • 1 court designed for younger campers with baskets of varied heights
  • 1 GaGa facility for large group games with tent for shade
  • The Mooring Martial Arts pavilion riverside with tent for shade
  • Lagoon Links mini-golf riverside with large umbrella for shade
  • Ocean Motion dance pavilion riverside with tent for shade
  • Tumbling Tides gymnastics center
  • Fitness Fun in the Multi-Porpoise Building- 9 Interactive Nintendo Wii Stations for Wii Sports, Wii Fitness, Dance Dance Revolution, Rockband, Skillnastics and more.

All of Rolling River’s facilities have lights for night use.


Athletics Staff

Our staff’s dedication and professionalism provides a creative, instructional and safe environment for children to play and learn. The entire program is overseen by Rolling River Director Mark Goodman, who holds over 30 years of experience in teaching physical education, athletics and health, and is headed day-to-day by a supervisor of athletics with a physical education background. The Athletics supervisor and staff members lead athletics activities and provide support for our group counselors.

Depending on a camper’s interest, Rolling River has offered mini-camps or daily clinics in a variety of sports. Hobby periods (when campers select their own activities) also provide an opportunity for children who want more athletics to spend extra time on the fields and courts. Private or semi-private lessons in various sports are offered before and after camp upon request.


Athletics Program Goals

The campers’ athletics activities are designed to:

  • Encourage participation
  • Provide successful experiences
  • Improve skill levels
  • Build self-esteem
  • Promote sportsmanship
  • Teach game strategy and rules
  • Develop a lifetime interest in sports
  • Be fun for campers of all skill levels

Our daily instructional and recreational programs are created so that all children can participate. “Winning the game” during these activities is a low priority. All campers are given the opportunity to experience every sport Rolling River has to offer. This is accomplished with a carefully designed progression of skills. The supplies and equipment that campers play with are age appropriate to maximize safety and success.


Intramurals And Intercamp Games

Rolling River offers competitive intramural leagues for girls and boys entering 2nd grade and older. 1st graders participate in a beginner intramural program which focuses on game rules and playing together as a team. This program includes many of the games mentioned above, as well as novelty games, relays and more. We encourage campers to write articles, make posters and create cheers which can add to a team’s point total and lead to a championship. These creative options enable all campers to become an important member of their team.

Intercamp games and tournaments provide the most competitive athletic competition and are only for those campers who wish to participate. Rolling River has been instrumental in developing these programs with other day camps in the area.