Q. How do I schedule a tour and how long will it take?

A. If you are interested in scheduling a tour of our facility you can call the camp office at (516)593-CAMP (2267) and speak to our staff to decide on a day and time that is convenient for you. The tour, which is given by one of our qualified supervisors, usually takes no longer than 45 minutes to one hour.  We encourage you to bring your children on the tour to experience Rolling River for themselves!

Q. What does the tuition include?

A. In addition to our outstanding program and staff, tuition includes door-to-door transportation on N.Y.S. inspected small buses with seat belts and bus counselor to and from camp, daily hot lunch with substitute options, daily snacks, pool towel service, memory mate photographs, highlight DVD yearbook , day trips, two t-shirts, access to year-round programs and events, and more!

Q. How long is the camp season?

A. The full camp season is 5 days a week, Monday through Friday, for 8 weeks (total 38 days). We also offer both 4 week (total 19 days) and 6 week sessions (any 29 days). To accommodate our youngest campers in the Skipper Division (3 year olds to kindergarten), we offer a flexible ¾ day program for 3 or 5 days a week and ½ day program for 5 days a week. Visit the Dates and Rates page for tuition costs per program.

Q. Do you offer tuition discounts or scholarships?

A. YES- We offer discounts for early full payment, siblings, alumni and special savings coupons throughout the year. We also provide partial and full “Camperships” upon request for those families who are in need of financial assistance. Visit the “Camp Scholarships” page for information on how to apply.

Q. Who will supervise my children at camp?

A. Here at Rolling River, we take pride in our staff, which we affectionately call our “Crew”. Each division and specialty area is lead by a dedicated and experienced adult supervisor who possesses an extensive background in education. Individual group counselors consist of an adult head counselor, a college-aged assistant counselor, a high-school-aged junior counselor and a CIT or counselor-in-training. To keep the counselor to camper ratio low, we typically add one or two assistant counselors for groups with 15 campers or more.

Q. Who will drive and supervise my children on the camp bus?

A. All vehicles that transport children have a bus driver whose primary responsibility is to drive the bus safely and a bus counselor whose primary responsibility is to care for the safety and needs of the children throughout the ride. The majority of our bus drivers are Rolling River counselors who possess a CDL and all drivers are internally trained and drug-tested. Outside bus drivers are professional drivers who tend to work in local school districts throughout the year. Bus counselors are hand-picked, experienced, and mostly returning Rolling River group counselors. Visit the “Transportation” page for additional information.

Q. What are the health and medical procedures?

A. Our state-of-the-art health center is equipped to handle everything from basic first aid to the comprehensive maintenance of chronic illnesses. Leading our staff is Alicia Stone, a family nurse practitioner, who set sail with us on our maiden voyage in 1993. All of our off-campus trips are also staffed with a health care professional. Medical forms are now available electronically on parents’ Camp In Touch accounts for enrolled families and must be completed by a physician and submitted to the camp office prior to the first day of camp. Visit the Health Center page to learn more.

Q. How does Rolling River communicate with camp families?

A. We strive to keep the lines of communication open and available to our parents at all times. There are several ways that we communicate to YOU and several ways that parents can communicate with US! RRDC sends home a camp newsletter called “The Scuttlebutt” every Friday during the summer and about several times during the off-season. We also send occasional letters and reminders when there is a Special Event or show. In addition to our newsletter, Rolling River communicates with our families through email and social media. The e-Scuttle is an email version of “The Scuttlebutt” and is sent out weekly over the summer and monthly in the off-season. Rolling River also utilizes Facebook and Twitter for up-to-date alerts.

Q. What is the best way that I can communicate with the camp?

A. If a parent wishes to contact a supervisor or counselor, you can call the camp receptionist & leave a message or email: Every camp parent receives “BUS MAIL” envelopes so that they can send a note to whomever they need. You can also ask questions through our Facebook and Twitter. Note that during the camp season, emails will only be answered at the end of the day as our Supervisors are out on the campgrounds with our staff and campers.

Q. What if I’m a working parent and need additional child care?

A. We offer additional child care supervised by our expert RRDC staff from 7:30AM – 9AM and 4PM – 6PM at an hourly rate.  Visit Before & After Camp Activities to learn more.

Q. What if my child is a “finicky eater”, has a food allergy or has “dietary needs”?

A. Although we offered a child-friendly menu, we understand that not every child will like every meal offered.  Therefore, we offer many substitute choices daily for both campers and staff.  Kosher options are also available.  Rolling River is a peanut-aware camp and can accommodate other food allergies as well.  If your child has severe dietary needs or allergies, please make the supervisory staff aware so we can develop a meal plan that meets your child’s needs.  For more information and view a sample menu, visit the Meals & Snacks page.

Q. What does my child have to wear to camp each day?

A. Rolling River is a uniform camp which means that each camper and staff member MUST wear the RRDC t-shirt every camp day. Two free t-shirts are given upon enrollment; additional camp merchandise can be purchased from our “Ocean Floor Supply Store” or ordered during the pre-season months. It is advised that a sweatshirt and raincoat/poncho be left at camp in case of a change in weather. Sneakers and socks MUST be worn daily due to the camp’s active schedule. Two bathing suits are left in camp each week and returned to you on Fridays to be washed. (Just remember to return them on Monday morning!)  Visit the Camp Merchandise page for more information.

Q. Do you have an orientation before camp begins?

A. Yes, we have “Meet Your Mateys Day” which occurs on a weekend prior to the first day of camp. Each child is able to meet their counselors and camp-mates during a specific time, as well as take a tour of the camp. If you are unable to make the orientation day, then we will arrange a meeting with the counselors at one of our staff orientation meeting days.

Q. What if it rains or is too hot for regular activities?

A. We pride ourselves on our programming at Rolling River so when it rains or is too hot…we’re ready! Each division and Specialty area is given a “Rainy Day” or “Hot Day” schedule to follow. Extra swim periods, fun-filled water play activities and air-conditioned activities take place during the extreme heat. When it rains, it gives us the opportunity to become very creative in the Multi-Porpoise building and Sea Breeze Theater, in addition to making use of our indoor Specialty areas. We also send older groups out of camp on local trips.

Q. When can I visit my child when he/she is in camp?

A. Rolling River provides specific days and times for divisional “Visiting Day”. Skipper (ages 3- 5) Visiting is held during the camp day. Mariner and Navigator (Grades 1-8) Visiting occurs in the early evening. Parents are also invited to their child’s group show and Hip Hop Night, our end of the summer celebration (see Special Events). In addition, if you cannot make any of these pre-arranged visitation days, you can call us at camp to make a special appointment with a divisional supervisor to “sea” your child in action.

Q. Can my child choose what activities he/she attends each day?

A. We believe that camp provides the opportunity for your child to become well –rounded by offering a schedule which encourages new experiences. A “Hobby” is offered twice a week for a two week period in the Mariner & Navigator (grades 1-8) divisions where the child can choose their area of interest (see Creative Arts and Athletics).

Q. How do I know what to send with my child when he/she goes on a trip (day or overnight)?

A. Prior to every trip, a letter is emailed home to the parent explaining what to wear, what to bring, and other pertinent information. When the Navigators or CITs prepare for their overnight trips, a detailed letter provides information regarding their itinerary, contact numbers, etc. (see Navigator & CITs pages).

Q. Are there any additional fees?

A. Rolling River’s tuition includes all camp-related services except for private lessons, optional overnight trips, a Broadway trip or extra day trips for Navigators and CITs. Additional money for souvenirs and small snacks on trips is optional. Gratuities for the counselors, bus drivers and bus counselors is appreciated at the end of the summer. A suggested tip letter is sent home during the summer to help guide you. Rolling River Day Camp merchandise is also optional.