Meals & Snacks

Click Here for the 2015 Lunch Menu

After a full morning of activities hungry campers look forward to our delicious hot lunches or many different cold lunch choices. Our varied menu is planned with nutrition and balance in mind. However, we do incorporate what “kids like to eat” when developing our menu each year.rrdc meals-and-snacks-2014

Baked chicken nuggets, pizza, hamburgers and kosher hot dogs on the BBQ, tacos, grilled cheese, and many other kid-friendly favorites are served every day. Special theme meals such as “Breakfast for Lunch” are both fun and filling for the kids. If a Rolling River camper does not care for the day’s hot meal, substitutes are always readily available. Bagels with butter, cream cheese or jelly, tuna, turkey or American cheese sandwiches & yogurt with breadsticks are some of the choices.

We are a PEANUT AWARE camp. This means that we do not serve peanut butter or any products that may contain peanuts or have been made in a plant that may use them in processing.

Desserts with lunch are usually fruit, pudding or something light and nutritious.

An afternoon snack is also served daily. This is usually ice cream, ices, pretzels, graham crackers or other crunchy treats, as well as a variety of cold drinks. A morning snack is also given to our youngest campers each day.

Kosher meals are available upon request

Our highly experienced food service provider is always ready to work with those campers with dietary concerns. You simply need to communicate with the camp and let us know how to fulfill your needs.