Parents’ Quarters

Welcome to the Parents’ Quarters! This page provides the parents of enrolled campers with important information about Rolling River procedures and processes in addition to interesting articles regarding child development, health and wellness, and more.

Parent Feedback

As we are constantly striving to improve our program, Rolling River seeks out opinions and feedback from camp parents year round.  We host focus groups and distribute surveys to collect information from our parents and update the programs for the following summer.  Each October, we distribute a “Parent Perspective” questionnaire to gain overall feedback about the past summer.  Parents must turn in this survey in order to pick up their DVD Yearbook.  DVDs are available for pick up at the Annual Fall Festival in the “RRDC Alumni Zone” located in the Auditorium.

Camper Forms

As the first day of camp is quickly approaches, it is time for parents to review and complete Rolling River’s necessary camp forms and documents.  To comply with American Camp Association and Board of Health standards, these forms MUST be completed prior to your child beginning their camp experience.  In the past, we have mailed paper copies of our camp documents to be completed at home.  However, in our effort to “go green” as well as allow our parents more time and flexibility to complete the forms, Rolling River’s camp forms are posted online on your personalized Camp In-Touch account through Campminder.  You can access your Camp In Touch account by clicking on the tab “Campminder (Photos, Forms and More)” on the left of this page.

 Rolling River’s forms are available in one of two ways:

  • PRINT: Parents must download and PRINT this type of form.  The form can be completed by hand and either mailed in or dropped off at the camp office by the listed due date.
  • ONLINE: Parents complete this type of form electronically through their Camp In-Touch account.  The information is completed on the computer and once you click “submit”, the form will be sent to the camp office.  You do NOT need to print this type of form.

To request paper copies of the forms, please contact Rolling River’s main office at 593-CAMP(2267).



Got Questions?

Your Rolling River Parent Handbook will be posted on your secure Camp In Touch account approximately 2 months prior to the beginning of camp. Please call or email camp if you have not received or misplaced your Parent Handbook. Some of the topics discussed in the handbook include:

  • The Leadership Team
  • The Health Center and Safety Procedures
  • Arrival and Dismissal Procedures
  • Transportation
  • Behavior Management
  • Camp Uniforms
  • Communication with Camp
  • Camper Orientation and Parent Visitation
  • Food Related Issues
  • Cell Phone Policy
  • Off-Campus Trips
  • On-Campus Tutoring
  • Tipping

Visit the FAQs page for additional common questions and answers.

Healthy Child Development Year Round

Here at Rolling River, we understand the value of camp and constantly stress that the camp experience is an extension of the educational process. In fact, as many parents have told us, Rolling River teaches many of the life skills at camp that children are no longer being taught at school. The overriding approach of our program is to create an environment that develops curiosity, encourages exploration and risk taking and stimulates patterns of learning new skills. To be most effective though, this learning should extend past the camp setting and into the campers’ schools and homes.
To help you continue to grow the skills your child has learned at camp, below find several articles from the American Camp Association (ACA). The American Camp Association is a community of 7,000 plus camp professionals who, for nearly 100 years, have joined together to share their knowledge and experience and to ensure the quality of camp programs. As an ACA accredited camp, Rolling River has to continually pass a rigorous test of over 300 standards of safety procedures, organizational procedures, health matters, and many more components. We at Rolling River share their mission and support healthy child development year-round.