At Rolling River Day Camp, our goal is to “give ALL kids a world of good” during the summer in a caring and supportive camp environment. We offer several “Campership” programs designed for families who are in need of financial assistance.  Application review begins during the month of March but candidates may send in their paperwork at any time. Camperships are awarded after a review with the Board of Directors.

Please review the following Campership opportunities below.  If you would like to apply, click the following links to download the application and reference forms:

Ben Appelbaum Camperships

scholarships-Ben Applebaum was an owner/director of several tri-state camps and served as an extraordinary advocate for camping and youth development. Our Ben Applebaum Camperships are in his memory and offer partial scholarships to children who would benefit from the camp experience. Scholarship amounts are based upon income verification, as well as the child’s age and length of time your child will be attending camp.

Jonah Richman, Adam Cohen, Jordan Satin Honorary Camperships

Friendship…Loyalty…Pride…Spirit…Tradition. The true meaning of camp lived in the hearts of three local boys who heroically lost their lives while trying to save a fellow campmate. Within their short lives, these boys personified their extreme passion and feelings of comradeship that can only be developed through many years in a camp environment.  It is only fitting for us to recognize Jonah Richman, Adam Cohen, and Jordan Satin’s heroic efforts, as well as their strong commitment to the basic philosophy of camping. These honorary camperships are awarded to two children, ages 5 years old to 7 years old for Half Season 2.  The goal of this honorary campership is to be able to give a child the opportunity to take “the first steps of a journey” that will last a lifetime.

The Campmates Program

The Rolling River Campmates Program awards tuition-free, Half Season 2 camperships to deserving children thanks to the generous support from local businesses and community fundraisers. Since our inaugural season in 1993, Rolling River has worked tirelessly to provide children with valuable summer camp experiences and these businesses also understand the importance of investing in our community’s youth. Campmates scholarships are offered to local applicants selected by New Horizon Counseling Center therapists.  Scholarships are awarded based on financial and/or emotional need.  Click here to learn more about the Campmates Program.

Isabelle “Nanny” Goodman Memorial ScholarshipNanny Photo

Beloved mother of RRDC’s director, Mark Goodman and grandmother of Marissa, Ali and Jon Goodman, “Nanny” always strongly believed in the philosophy behind the camp experience.  As a single working mother in the 1960’s, she was not able to afford a season of camp for her two children but found a camp director who opened his heart and offered her a generous scholarship. Because of this opportunity, Mark’s love for camp developed, which ultimately shaped the rest of his life. In addition to Nanny being a driving force and such a strong influence throughout the 22 years at RRDC, it is only appropriate that we “pay it forward” to other families who would not be able to afford the benefit of camp.  This memorial scholarship offers a tuition-free camp experience for 1 boy and 1 girl who excel in athletics (Nanny loved the NY Mets) and are entering kindergarten through 2nd grade.

Marjorie Sherer Memorial Scholarship

Affectionately known as “Miss Marjorie” to all of our pre-school children and Skipper campers, Marjorie poured her heart and soul into Rolling River for 14 years.  She not only directed our pre-school since 1992, but built the foundation of our camp from day one!  Among her many accomplishments at Rolling River, she directed the pre-school, supervised the office, and managed the camp’s American Camp Association (ACA) and Board of Health’s strict regulated paperwork.  The Marjorie Sherer Memorial Scholarship is awarded to 1 boy and 1 girl ages nursery through kindergarten who are ready to explore the amazing benefits of camp.