Staff Spirit Committee

Hey let’s face it, even the counselors want to have fun this summer! Rolling River plans events and activities FOR STAFF ONLY which  keep the “blue shirts” happy and engaged throughout the summer. Most of our events take place after camp hours. This provides counselors an opportunity to socialize with each other, and make friendships that help our jobs to be more special and fun!

Below are examples of staff-only activities:

  • Annual end-of-summer staff party and banquet event
  • “Over 21 only” gatherings
  • Nighttime beach volleyball/pizza party*
  • Nighttime camp pool games/swim*
  • Nighttime sports*
  • Card game tournaments
  • Weekly dinners at local restaurants
  • “Welcome Committee” to facilitate “Meet Your Mateys” Day
  • Basketball tournaments*
  • Trivia Night

*These are events that take place in camp, when all of the campers are home for the night

If you have any ideas for this summer, we’d love to hear about them!