Staff Testimonials

“Thank you so much for a wonderful summer.  I was very grateful for the opportunity to be chosen as a Rolling River Crew Member.  Your thoughtfulness will always be remembered with more gratitude than you will every know.  Rolling River Day Camp has made Long Island a better place with all the hard work and generous contribution to the community.”- Lucille S.

“Thank you for what a wonderful summer experience I had, it was a dream job, both challenging and rewarding.  I had a blast!”- Merrie C.  

“Watching the campers change before my eyes definitely has changed the way I will act as both a counselor and a future teacher. Last summer at Rolling River was an amazing experience and I just wanted to say thank you!”- Melissa C.

“It has been 12 summers that I will always wear close to my heart like a badge of honor. All kinds of memories will be left permanently for me in that place and in those who I know that embody the principles of what it means to be a successful contributor to camp.”- Evan H.

“This summer I had an amazing time at Rolling River. It was my favorite summer and my 1st year there. I loved my kids, I made close friends & learned a lot about things like organization & responsibility. I loved last year & hope next summer will be even better.”- Laura B.

“These years have honestly been some of the best of my life and have helped me to grow, be mature, and learn to be in a work environment. They have taught me specific morals and ethics that will valuable in all of my future endeavors. I have had so much fun at camp. I have met my best friends in Rolling River, and some of the best people I am sure I will ever work with.”- Melanie G.

“It is an absolute pleasure, as always, to work at Rolling River each summer. I feel as though you are all a part of my extended family. I look forward to yet working another summer in the Boys Mariner Division. I love Rolling River, thanks for everything.”- Lonny D.

“Your amazing camp has had a lasting impression on campers and staff alike and for that I am extremely grateful.”- Rich L.

“I have never felt moved to write a testimonial to express how impressed I am with the program. The activities offered were developmentally appropriate, well supervised, with a great balance between counselor directed projects and free play. Also, your flexibility with children’s allergies and dietary needs is particularly commendable, allowing children the opportunity to attend camp, while affording their parents peace of mind. I want to thank you for the opportunity to be part of the camp experience. I also want to offer my highest compliments to the rest of your wonderful staff.”- Claire O.

“Recently, I ran into one of my campers and his mother. I’ve never received such a fantastic hug from him. Seeing how excited he was to see me filled with such love and warmth. I am truly grateful to camp for being that to me. It was a feeling I will never forget. So not only would I like to believe that I made a positive impact on the kids but they have also left a huge impact on my life.”- Sarah O.